Our Purpose

“Empowering families one marriage at a time.”

We are a personal empowerment company dedicated to strengthen and heal marriages and family relationships with certified mentoring, emotional self-mastery training, retreats, and the “True You” Marriage Academy.

Our greatest JOY is helping you find YOURS!


Empowering people to recognize, understand and overcome negative influences to remember who they truly are!

Empowering Marriages


Strengthening Families


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Praise & Gratitude


I just want to thank you so much for being my mentor this has helped me in big ways! I can handle things that I would have flipped out about before! And it’s a big thing to to realize that my husband is on my team and not my enemy. 💕Thank you!!!

Wendy L.

“After having been married nearly 28 years, sometimes the marriage waxes and sometimes wanes. We’ve been in a season of waning and needed a project together to help us grow. I’m personally grateful to have a project to work on together. My internal growth has been a boost to our marriage, and you need that from time to time. Thank you, Andy and Jennifer!”

Steve M.

The information contained in this self-mastery training…combines brain chemistry and scripture to help us understand addictive behaviors and the battle to free ourselves of them – and let’s face it, we all have some form of addiction. I personally needed this class, but I was also looking for information to help me as a mom. Now that I’m in the class I can tell you that it’s more than just these things. Personally, I’m finding renewed energy to face the battle against the adversary, and I’m being given both better understanding of the battle with Satan and tools to be a more powerful warrior in the battle. We are more focused on our strengths as a family and as individuals. Whether you feel weak or strong, there is something in this class that is valuable for our ability to defend and strengthen individuals and families!

Amy H.

The self-mastery training is so worth it for anyone who is looking to strengthen themselves spiritually! The things I learned gave me greater focus and meaning to my prayers and scripture study, such that I found myself gaining new spiritual insights and finding answers to prayers almost every day – something I haven’t really experienced before! The class also provides tools that, when applied sincerely, give you more power to win your daily battles against the adversary. I am very grateful to have been part of this training and plan to use what I learned from now on.

Jessi C.