Our mission is empowering the human family with the ability to align heart, mind and body, free them from bondage, and create an energy rich life! As seasoned intuitive mentors with proven techniques and tools, let us lead, guide and inspire you to greatness!  Knowing who you are at the core and how unlimited your potential is, will allow you to “Be The True You!”

Since marriage is the heartbeat of the home, we are passionate about healing, nurturing and empowering marriage relationships. We help married couples uncover the source of conflict and contention to emotionally heal, connect and create rock-solid relationships!

Our life experiences of 30 years of marriage, raising 6 children, loving a bunch of grandchildren and operating a full time daycare of over 20 years has shown us how the challenges in life can be painful yet rewarding. We know that this program can alleviate some of the pain and suffering that comes along with family dynamics and any other relationship in our lives whether it be with spouse, children, parent, co-worker, friend, neighbor, money, weight issues, etc.

We remember being stuck in a rut, feeling unable to move forward and dealing with money issues, depression, negative self-thinking, strained relationships and feeling caught in a daily monotonous routine. However, when we learned about these mentoring and healing tools, everything began to change for the better. Our vision opened up to possibilities of an incredible future. We now awake each day anxious for the growth and exciting experiences that await us and you can, too!


To your best,



Master Certified Eternal Warrior Mentors – Inspiring Speakers – Best-selling Author – Certified Energy Healing Practitioner

1Z6X6379At “Be The True U”, we include an energy healing session in every mentoring package because it can quickly clear negative and trapped emotions, some which may have been stuck for years! Also, the 7 major energy systems are cleaned and calibrated and generational healing is included. Combining energy healing with mentoring methods will pack a powerful punch because energy healing immediately clears stagnant emotions on a mental, emotional and physical level. Then the proven mentoring tools and techniques gives you the ability to create permanent lasting change to propel you forward to success!

(Jennifer Smith is the “in house” energy healing practitioner. If you prefer ONLY mentoring sessions, please let us know when setting up your True You package.)