Adult Epic Mentoring

Epic 2-Month Mentoring Program

Using powerful proven tools, techniques and skills in a safe and nurturing environment, you will release fears, insecurities, and false beliefs which will empower you to “Be The True You.” You are the creator of your own destiny with unlimited potential!

Improve your relationships, finances, health and move quickly towards your goals and desires!

Our mission is empowering the human family with the ability to align heart, mind and body, free them from bondage, and create an energy rich life! As seasoned intuitive mentors with proven techniques and tools, let us lead, guide and inspire you to greatness! Knowing who you are at the core and how unlimited your potential is, will allow you to
“Be The True You!”

Session 1 – February 5th, February 19th
March 5th, March 19th

Session 2 – April 9th, April 23rd, May 7th, May 21st

7:00-8:30 pm

The Log Cabin  – 764 N. 200 W. – Logan, Utah

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Regular price is $299 for four 90-minute sessions with 2 healing mentors.

As a New Year’s Celebration, you can join the Epic 2-month Group Mentoring for an

incredible price of 149 per individual – $200 for married couples!

(Limited to 10 participants -Join any date and attend missed classes in next session.)

Single or Married Couple Choices

Why Have a Mentor?

*When your feel like you are spinning your wheels, like the hamster in the wheel, can’t move forward, are STUCK and feel like you are falling behind more and more, a trusted mentor can get you unstuck and moving forward in a positive direction.

*A mentor can guide you on things to avoid, and you can learn from their mistakes! When you can AVOID MISTAKES because your mentor has had experience in making the mistakes, you can move forward faster towards your goals because you’ll avoid some of those same mistakes. As trained mentors, Andy and Jennifer Smith have almost 10 decades of combined experience with several mistakes they’ve made along the way, so they will help you avoid many mistakes!

*Another benefit of having a mentor is to get you over, out of, or through your obstacles! If you’ve ever watched a basketball or football game from the stands, it’s often easier to see the bigger picture and give advice to the players about where they should have ran or who or where they should have thrown the ball to. A mentor uses proven skills and techniques to GET YOU PASSED OBSTACLES that hinder your progress.

*Most of us experience FEAR in our lives. You may have fear of failure or even fear of success, because with success comes responsibility. When you have a mentor at your side, you gain greater confidence to bust through your fears and conquer them!

*A trusted mentor can guide you in overcoming nasty HABITS that slow you down! Through close communication and accountability, a mentor supports you in eliminating those self-sabotaging habits and behaviors that keep you stuck!

*Sometimes our problems seem to loom large and OVERWHELMING. We feel powerless to solve them. Mentors empower your mind to open up to the possibilities and find solutions that otherwise evade you.

*Every day that you spend stuck and stagnant is costing you in time, money, emotional pain and struggling relationships. Every day that you are not moving forward, you are not reaching your dreams and goals. A mentor can help SHORTEN YOUR PATH TO SUCCESS!