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Nourish Relationships with Self, Spouse and Family 

5-Star Best Selling Book – eBook Version

“12 Weeks to Greater Peace, Joy and Love in Your Family”


Who hasn’t dealt with the ups and downs of marriage and family life? Inside the family we find our most exquisite joys, but also our most poignant moments of pain and ongoing frustration. It’s so easy to mess up these relationships! Nobody gets a rule book when they walk out of their marriage ceremony and start a family … that is until NOW!

This book will reduce the pain and frustration of family and marriage relationships and empower your family with deeply connected and loving relationships!

Amazon best-selling book in the Christian Family Self-Help, Self-Esteem and Parenting/Child Care Categories

Module 1 - It's All About YOU!

In Chapter 2 learn why you may be your own worst enemy which can be detrimental to relationships! Learn the best tools to be your own cheerleader and the important difference between self-esteem and self-compassion.

Module 2 - Heart-to-Heart Marriage

In Chapter 4 enjoy heart-warming stories and principles that teach the importance of vulnerability and why the 3 C’s – courage, compassion and commitment will create the most intimate, joyful relationships you can imagine!

Module 3 - Preparing Children for Battle

Let’s face it – life is a real battlefield! In Chapter 7 learn how to create more peace in your home with positive guidance. In Chapter 8 get tips for success with chores & homework and why knowing your child’s personality is crucial to winning the battle!

Module 4 - The Home - Walls of Protection

In Chapter 9 discover what thief may be breaking into your home and stealing what is most precious. In Chapter 10 learn why eating together is critical for family peace and unity. There is also a quick & easy family souffle recipe – PERFECT for holiday traditions PLUS the author’s favorite “Fat Butt” Syrup recipe!

Are you looking for some answers and support?

If you answered “Yes!” then you are in the right place because with over 30 years of marriage and raising 6 children, Jennifer Jones Smith understands the immense frustration and heartache that come along with family relationships. With a child development degree, years of training and personal experience, Jennifer and other amazing parent contributors have shared the “best of the best” guiding principles in this invaluable resource to help you navigate through the incredible journey of family life!

“Life pulls our attention in so many ways. Sometimes the most precious parts of our lives, like our family, need a little more focus and effort. This heartfelt guide offers powerful wisdom and tools to bring greater peace, joy and love to your family.”

Leslie Householder

Award Winning, Best-Selling Author of The Jackrabbit Factor

“One of the biggest sources of joy and of pain in our lives is the relationships within our marriage and family, and it’s so easy to mess it up…In this book Jennifer Jones Smith offers practical and valuable insights to create the relationships you desire and deserve.”

Gerald Rogers

Best-Selling Author & Speaker

“This delightful book will bring positive energy into the reader’s life in just 12 weeks, enhancing their quality of life and empowering them to a feeling of greater worth. I highly recommend this read.”

Christy Monson

M.A., L.M.F.T., retired

This is an indispensable resource for every family that sells for $16.95 on Amazon!


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Both Ebooks for ONLY $14.97

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Mmmm…if you are looking for nourishing, comforting and tantalizing recipes,


Coach Leica (aka, Healthimom) introduces her AMAZING Cookbook ~

About my Fall & Winter Comforts Cookbook:

I love to cook, usually.  But sometimes I can’t be bothered with it.  When the beautiful season of autumn arrives, that is when I start to crave warm, tasty comfort foods.  Cheesy lasagnas.  Hearty stews.  Tasty soups.  Roasted veggies. Yum.

Normally, I strive to put healthy foods on my table.  I’m a firm believer in “goodness in; goodness out” – especially in the form of health, energy, and focus. However, I don’t mind cheating once in a while.  Sometimes, we all just need some old-fashioned COMFORT, and my family is no exception. I believe in strengthening families — and one of the ways I do that is through good food and gathering for meals.

I am excited about each and every recipe in this eBook, but here are few you’ll want to check out first:

My One-Skillet Lemon Chicken Orzo

This recipe is for all you busy moms – it can be made in about half an hour, and yet tastes so comforting and delicious!

My Magic Italian Meat Sauce

This recipe can be used (at least) 3 different ways!  Be sure to read the note at the end of the recipe to find out how.

My Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo

Who doesn’t love creamy Alfredo sauce?  This recipe takes the Italian classic and lightens it up a bit.  The addition of nutrient-rich broccoli makes it even healthier.

My Creamy Pumpkin Mousse with Maple Whipped Cream

This recipe contains no gluten or refined sugars, and yet it tastes like you’re biting into some pumpkin pie heaven.

Remember: This is a collection of some wonderful and tasty comfort foods – perfect for seeing you and your family through fall and winter.

On my blog, I have taken (or soon will take) some of the recipes one by one, and shown ways that I have lightened them up a bit and made them even a little healthier. Be sure to check it out!


This comforting cookbook contains 60 pages of recipes in the following categories:

  • Main Courses

  • Soups

  • Salads

  • Side Dishes

  • Appetizers

  • Desserts

  • Breakfasts

  • Beverages

Getting these two amazing ebooks TOGETHER is BETTER because they will equip you to finish this decade STRONG… and begin a new decade with plans for a resilient, healthy and well-nourished family firmly in place.

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Retail value over $30.00.

Both Ebooks for ONLY $14.97



Meet your AMAZING Authors!

Jennifer J. Smith is a Marriage & Life Coach, Best-selling Author, Inspiring Speaker and Addiction Recovery Mentor. She is the co-founder along with her husband, Andy, of “Be the True You” – an empowerment company which helps married couples heal relationships through The Marriage Academy, retreats and other resources. They have been married since 1986. Their motto is “Our greatest joy is helping you find yours.” Jennifer loves family parties with her 3 daughters and their husbands, 3 sons (1 daughter-in-law) and 10 grandchildren whom she all adores. In her rare spare time, she loves gourmet cooking and connecting with nature.

Coach Leica (aka, Healthimom) is a Success & Wellness Coach, Author, and Entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Healthimom Coaching, which offers success coaching for mothers and families.  She is a stay-at-home mother of six – committed to helping others enjoy the stay-at-home lifestyle, as well.  She is also a rockstar entrepreneur, teaching balance in the areas of health, relationships and finances.  Leica loves natural solutions, organizational systems, and great recipes.  She’s great at helping moms find an extra hour in their day, and extra money in their pockets.

What are you waiting for? These are indispensable resources YOU will love!


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Both Ebooks for ONLY $14.97

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Special pricing ENDS December 8, 2019!