Do you wish you understood your spouse better?

Do you want to speak your truth without fear of offending your spouse?

Would you like your spouse to understand where you are coming from in a conversation?

Would you love to communicate without ending up in so many arguments?

Communication problems were the number one reason for divorce in the United States. About 67.5 percent of all marriages failed because of a breakdown in communication.

The reasons for a lack of communication include:

✅ Trying to communicate when emotionally charged

✅ Not understanding your spouse’s perspective

✅ Failing to have important conversations at all

You will continue to have relationship challenges if you do not improve your COMMUNICATION SKILLS and deepen your CONNECTION with your spouse!

How will this impact your marriage 6 months, 1 year, 3 years or even 5 years if nothing changes?

So where is a great place to learn about and practice better communication?

In the comfort of your own home with the 4-week Online Communicate to Connect Course!

  • Gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for your partner and marriage

  • You will experience peace and security as you learn to be vulnerable and trust each other more

  • You will develop more meaningful and effective communication that leads to massive relationship growth and stability as you work together instead of against each other

  • Learn how to deal effectively with past challenges and focus your relationship energy on the opportunities of the present

4-Week ONLINE “Communicate to Connect” Course

Work at your own pace and own time schedule!

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Here’s all the goodies you get in this course:

Communication is not just about listening or paraphrasing. It is understanding on a deeper level that allows you to feel connected to your spouse and feel “felt.”

Sometimes communication can be scary. We aren’t sure of the right things to say or how to say them. But it’s important to be open and truthful in our communication.

Are you holding any grudges or negative feelings towards others. It doesn’t matter if those feelings are about your spouse OR others. That energy affects our ability to have healthy, joyful communication with our spouse.

Are you not sure how to communicate authentically to have your needs met in your marriage relationship? Do you end up not saying anything or does the conversation turn into a world war?

Gratitude, Vulnerability, Forgiveness and Understanding Your Communication are keys to open the door to trust, communication and AMAZING relationships!

Because we know regular and meaningful weekly communication is important, we are even gifting you with our “Marriage Meeting” Agenda as a BONUS!!!

Sometimes we fail at communication because we simply do NOT communicate! And, sometimes when we try to communicate, we are feeling negative emotions that cause us to say or do things we regret.
We realized a simple marriage meeting agenda was the solution to communicating while calm and in our right mind at a planned time of the week. We searched high and low to find a tool to help this problem and finally created our own.
This simple yet profoundly effective “Marriage Meeting Agenda” is the one marriage coaches, Andy and Jennifer Smith, use each week to connect, communicate and create for the upcoming week.
This beautiful document is normally part of The Marriage Academy 12-week training, but is included as a BONUS for you in the Connect to Communicate Course!!!

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Praise & Gratitude

“After having been married nearly 28 years, sometimes the marriage waxes and sometimes wanes. We’ve been in a season of waning and needed a project together to help us grow. I’m personally grateful to have a project to work on together. My internal growth has been a boost to our marriage, and you need that from time to time. Thank you, Andy and Jennifer!”
Steve and Moyne M.

“I just want to thank you so much for being my coaches. This has helped me in big ways! I am able to handle things that I would have flipped out about before! It’s a big thing to realize that my husband is on my team and not my enemy. 💕Thank you!!!”
Wendy L.

“Coaching with Andy and Jennifer was extremely valuable! We saw our relationship in a different light and received tools to help begin healing our marriage IMMEDIATELY. It’s so nice to have coaches who listen, understand and truly care about helping you and your marriage!”
Clint and Kristy B.

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Introducing your Communication Course Facilitator!


Certified Mentor and Marriage Coach: JENNIFER SMITH

Along with her husband, Andy Smith, Jennifer is co-owner of “Be the True You,” an empowerment company which helps married couples heal relationships through The Marriage Academy, retreats and other resources. This power team couple works together in business, their marriage and life. Their motto is “Our greatest joy is helping you find yours.”

Jennifer is an empowering speaker, certified energy healing practitioner and marriage coach. She is also a “Personal Warrior Trainer” mentor in addiction recovery and prevention. She is the best-selling author of “12 Weeks to Greater Peace, Joy and Love in Your Family” which is an inspired family relationship self-help book. She has also created a Christian Women’s Emotional Intimacy Course and also a meditation and affirmation CD called “Empower Your Inner Child.” Jennifer loves family parties with her 3 daughters and their husbands, 3 sons and 9 grandchildren (and one on the way!) whom she all adores. In her rare spare time, she loves gourmet cooking and connecting with nature.



We promise that our life’s training, research and experience has allowed us to create this LIFE-CHANGING course for you and your spouse! We have put our best into making this course available for you.

No training or course can guarantee specific results because of so many variables. But we guarantee that if you put 100% participation into this course – and don’t quit – for all 4 training modules, apply the principles and seek God’s guidance in the process that you will see AMAZING RESULTS, even MIRACLES, in your marriage relationship!

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(This is an online “work at your own pace” digital course. No physical product will be shipped. You have lifetime access or until the internet ceases to exist!)