Module Five

Cheer Squad – Declare Truth

“What we think, we become.”


This module will teach you how to use a powerful technique to train your brain to attract more positive and joyful energy into your life. As you re-frame negative and painful thoughts with strong emotion, you can literally create new brain pathways that will serve you in becoming the True You.

Your MIND is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts and declare them daily, your life and relationships with yourself, spouse and others will start to CHANGE!

✅ Watch “Declarations” Video 1 and do the assignment

✅ Watch “Declarations” Video 2 and throw your garbage away

✅ Watch “Declarations” Video 3 and declare your truth

✅ Study (and print out if you wish) the True You Practice “Declarations” PDF and implement those things that work best for you. Create new positive programming and pathways in your brain by using declarations every day!

✅ Ask in the Facebook Group or the weekly coaching call for some variations on how to do declarations

 Declarations Video 1

Declarations Video 2

 Declarations Video 3