Communicating and the Other Side of Forgiveness

This training module will give you great ideas of how to forgive others, even yourself, and let go of the negative energy that clouds and hinders clear, honest and connecting communication.

“Not forgiving is like drinking poison and waiting for your enemy to die.”

This module will share stories and ideas to bring more peace into your marriage as you learn techniques to truly forgive others. As you work through this module with sincerity, you will release negative energy that is holding you back from communicating on deeper levels.

FORGIVENESS is a key to open the door to trust, communication and AMAZING relationships!

✅ Listen to Call 3

✅ Download, print and read Workbook 3 or use a sturdy journal or notebook for your relationship forgiveness work and read the workbook online.

✅ Read the workbook and do the “Forgiveness List Exercise” on page 3

✅ Schedule on 3 different days to do the “Practical Tips for Forgiveness” activity beginning on page 5 then do it throughout this week

✅ Do the optional exercise “Overcoming Pride” on page 12