Marriage Mentor Sessions

At Be the True You, we believe that marriage is the heartbeat of the home. A happy, healthy marriage relationship impacts the family in a positive way. When a marriage struggles, well, you know – so does the whole family and so do communities, nations and the world!

Throughout your married life you may go through different stages. At first, marriage can seem exciting and fresh. Then as time goes on, you can have unforeseen challenges to deal with, some can be devastating and threaten your relationship.

Here are 3 types of marriages. Where is your marriage relationship right now?

The Rocky Type

You are not sure if staying in the marriage is worth it. The challenges and the stress of your marriage feel overwhelming. You have had thoughts of separation or divorce. You have considered or received counseling. Your relationship is hanging by a thread.

The Troubled Type

You are still in love but feel disconnected. There are many ups and downs in your marriage. You may know what some of the struggles are, but sometimes you can’t quite put your finger on it. You feel a desire to receive extra support and guidance to find solutions that you need to strengthen your marriage.

The Blissful Type

You are deeply in love and grateful for this stage of your marriage. You’ve had the struggles that come with marriage but have weathered the storms so far. You are always open to resources and support to keep your marriage strong against the adversity that may come in the future.

If you fit in one of these categories, you are invited to participate in a “True You” Marriage Mentor Session. This 30-minute phone or online classroom session is valued at $49. At Be the True You, our goal is to strengthen and empower marriages and families so for a limited time, this is a complimentary session with no charge.

Here’s what a married couple will gain from a “True You” Session:

*You will gain CLARITY of where your marriage currently is and gain direction to strengthen your relationship.
*You will feel more CONNECTION to your spouse from the process of the strategy session. You will gain greater understanding of your partner.
*You will feel a renewed sense of COMMITMENT to your spouse and the success of your marriage relationship.
*You will receive understanding of resources from the “True You” Marriage Academy that will be a fit for your marriage type.

If you would like to begin your breakthrough process, receive helpful strategy tips, and learn about resources to strengthen your marriage NOW, click the button below to schedule your 30-minute Marriage Mentor Session with a Certified Mentor!!!

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