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Whether your power feels bold and passionate or flowing like a river, keep it strong and stable with EFT!

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique which includes a client tapping on meridian points of their own body to release stress, trauma, and limiting beliefs that cause one to sabotage their own success.

Scientific studies have shown that clearing energy blocks in the energy meridians boosts the immune system and allows a person to heal more quickly on all levels. Meridians are to the energy body as the bloodstream or circulatory system is to the physical body.

If you are familiar with EFT and used it, you may or may not have had good results. (See the testimonial below where a client did not have good results previously using a similar method of EFT.)

The “complete” method is a progressed and powerful version of the traditional EFT methods. It includes a special Zero Point breathing technique and brain integration for deep emotional healing.

Also, having and experienced energy practitioner can make all the difference in delivering any method of emotional or quantum-based healing. Our certified practitioner is caring, gentle, and helps you feel safe in the emotional release process. She is also HIPAA certified and keeps all your personal information and sessions private as they should be.


Introductions: Me and Holistic Healing

Hi! I’m Jennifer Smith and love any holistic approaches to better emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health.

I’m trained and certified in a several energy/quantum-based healing modalities – The Complete EFT Method, SimplyHealed, and NMT (Neuromodulation Technique) and have had hundreds of clients for almost 15 years.

I have an opportunity for you to have an amazing EFT session (online, in person, or by phone) to clear faulty subconscious programming, stuck energy, past trauma or future fears,  negative generational patterns, and plug in empowering affirmations. I have been super impressed to see clients got from a trauma level of 8-10 (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most intense and painful) to a 1 or a 2, or even completely gone for some! These trauma issues can be current or fresh or even 10-20 years old.

You can choose a taste with one powerful session, a buffet of 3 sessions that will solve your needs for a long while, or the full EFT package of 6 sessions which will allow you to learn this amazing tool on yourself as a life skill going forward.

In your session, we would focus on one or two challenges. They can be related to health, weight issues, relationships, and/or finances. You have nothing to lose only trapped emotions, limiting or false beliefs, and yucky energy that might be keeping you stuck or in pain!

Thanks for your time and have a JOY-FULL day! ❤🙏🌷

PRAISE and GRATITUDE for Jennifer’s Healing Sessions:

I have had EFT sessions in the past and have felt that EFT was not an effective tool for me.  I tried to be open minded and give it another try.  When we started the session, I was a 10, and not in a good place with my concerns.  By the time we finished the session, I was able to get to a 1.  I love the anchor statements.  I’m learning to trust my intuition again and feeling more like my true me.
Tracy W.

Jennifer Smith is a gifted intuitive healer. EFT has proven to be very efficient and thorough in clearing my PTSD including some from back in my childhood. The evening of my EFT, I felt deep peace and calm wash over me after completing one session. I still feel like it is holding me for a few weeks later. I am grateful for this form of healing, and Jennifer’s professionalism, training, and abilities. If you are struggling, I would say let her help you. Thanks again!
Darlene M.

When we sat down together and talked about a few things we could work on, I didn’t know where we would be going with this. But, oh my goodness! The shift and change we made was amazing! I’ve been working on a few things really intently for about 10 years now. In one session with Jennifer we made a breakthrough! After my session my anchor to God and to my own power is something that cannot be broken. Realizations that seem so obvious now I couldn’t see before. I’m very blessed to have connected with Jennifer and would be happy to continue sessions with her.
Jade V.

I was somewhat skeptical about this type of healing. If you have anything that is too much to handle or if you feel overwhelmed, or you’re just scared, see Jennifer. She’s what I’ve needed in my life for a long time. I cannot say enough good about her and her method of healing!
Jim K.

Jennifer’s love, genuine concern for a healthy life and willingness to listen to intuition make her an outstanding healer. She worked on my teenage son. I was AMAZED at how our relationship dramatically improved, immediately.
Deonne J.

Choose one “Complete EFT Method” session or a Powerful Package!

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Taste of EFT

One 45-minute EFT session is incredibly powerful and effective! Whatever problem you would like to improve, this quantum-based method can heal  many layers of emotional and energetic issues in only ONE session. Clients are reporting long-lasting and even permanent results!


ONLY $125

Buffet Package

A satisfying 3-session package that will powerful emotional healing and transformation in one or several areas of your life whether that be with relationships, finances, health or weight issues. This method is very effective and is recommended to space sessions out every few weeks. So this package gives you almost 2 months of support!


ONLY $299

Life Skill Package

You may have heard of the quote “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” This complete life skill package of 6 sessions will give you the basics to use this emotional healing method on yourself for a lifetime. (Please note this will not certify you to work on others.)

ONLY $499