I’d been in a kind of funk for a few weeks. Honestly, I felt stuck and depressed. I also realized all my injuries and ailments the past few years have been on the right side of my body such as my lower back pain, shoulder tightness, neck misalignment, jaw misalignment, and a molar root canal.

During a recent session with a therapist as part of my new certification and also a chiropractic visit, I was asked what masculine issues I had since that tends to show up on the right side of the body.

I thought this could have been issues with my oldest son who was living with us STILL or even typical challenges with my husband as we’d lived together for a long time! However, I discovered it was bigger than that. My masculine issues were with GOD!

During an energy healing session with a kind, wise, and gifted practitioner, she helped uncover one of those dark, dangerous, hidden spots of my soul that was keeping me stuck and depressed.

I had consciously been aware that the nationwide pandemic of 2020-2021 had contributed to my fear of life and fear of the future. But I was enlightened to realize I had DREAD and DOOM over fear of failing at a recent creation and project. This work felt like a mission for God and a revelation to my husband which we had worked on together to complete.


What if my efforts were wasted? What if I failed at my mission? What if God is mad, disappointed, or displeased with me?

Or even worse – what if God rejected me?

Ouch! I felt that energy BIG TIME in my solar plexus or 3rd chakra area. That sad, condemning feeling also created a block in the left side of my throat or 5th chakra. What an awful feeling to think I would displease or disappoint God in some way!

I had been operating part of my life’s work from the fear and motivation of condemnation…

rather than JOY!


FEAR robs me

and you

and all of us…

from JOY!!

After clearing the negative programming, blocks, and yucky energy, some affirmations that were important for me were:


“I am motivated from JOY!”


“Joy is my LIGHT!”


“My JOY matters!”


Through visualization, some healing light from the Savior was brought into to finish up my energy healing session. But later that evening I took my new Frequency Formula drops called “Joy-Full.” I had muscle tested (or used applied kinesiology) that morning and knew out of 16 choices this was the one for me the next few weeks.

I looked at the Easter lily on my table and felt an immense sense of joy and gratitude. I had not had that feeling for a while, even while listening to my church’s General Conference messages where I desired to have joyful and peaceful feelings. (There were a few fleeting ones, but I look forward to studying the talks more.)

I was AMAZED as I read the affirmations that went with this Frequency Formula. (These formulas are like energy healing in a bottle that awaken your spirit and energy systems to higher frequencies. That’s a topic for another day.)

The affirmations that went with this formula matched some of the words and clearing that came from my energy healing session such as:

“I find happiness in the simple things of life (a lily). JOY is my friend.”

“I speak freely about my beliefs, feelings, and ideas.” (My throat chakra was blocked.)

“I like who I am. I’m kind to myself.” (I don’t need to be motivated from a place of condemnation, but compassion for myself and from God.)

Also, some of the Mental and Emotional Intentions from this formula are to release feelings of




or “can’t go on”

which I had all been feeling.

Well, if you’ve read this far, you’ll see my throat chakra is wide open as I’ve expressed a lot here! If you are at all curious about these AMAZING Frequency Formulas for healing, I have an opportunity for you to have a “Joy-Full” transformation and healing experience as well.

Introductions: Me and the Opportunity

Hi! I’m Jennifer Smith and am a certified practitioner with the Frequency Formulas. They are not available online or in stores – only through a few people who are certified like me. First, they are totally safe with no side effects. Second, they pair beautifully with energy healing work or EFT work.

I’m trained and certified in a couple of energy healing modalities – SimplyHealed and NMT (Neuromodulation Technique) and have had hundreds of clients these past 15 years.

I have an opportunity for you to have an amazing energy healing session (online, in person, or by phone) to clear faulty subconscious programming, stuck energy, and plug in empowering affirmations. (You must get the weeds out before the affirmations will germinate and flourish.)

Along with the 50-minute energy healing session valued at $125, you will receive a Frequency Formula specifically recommended to raise the frequency of areas where you might currently be struggling. This is determined through my muscle testing and a survey/form you would fill out before the session.

The Frequency Formulas retail for $22 – an amazing value for a month’s supply! My limited time offer is the healing session and Frequency Formula all for only $99. That is like getting the formula for free, and 20% off the energy session.

If you are interested, don’t let this offer slip by and click the link below. In your session, we would focus on one or two challenges. They can be related to health, weight issues, relationships, and/or finances. You have nothing to lose only trapped emotions, limiting or false beliefs, and yucky energy that might be keeping you stuck or in pain!

Thanks for your time and have a JOY-FULL day! ❤🙏🌷

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PRAISE and GRATITUDE for Jennifer’s Healing Sessions:

Jennifer’s love, genuine concern for a healthy life and willingness to listen to intuition make her an outstanding healer. She worked on my teenage son. I was AMAZED at how our relationship dramatically improved, immediately. 

Deonne J.

I have had EFT sessions in the past and have felt that EFT was not an effective tool for me.  I tried to be open minded and give it another try.  When we started the session, I was a 10, and not in a good place with my concerns.  By the time we finished the session, I was able to get to a 1.  I love the anchor statements.  I’m learning to trust my intuition again and feeling more like my true me.

Tracy W.

When we sat down together and talked about a few things we could work on, I didn’t know where we would be going with this. But, oh my goodness! The shift and change we made was amazing! I’ve been working on a few things really intently for about 10 years now. In one session with Jennifer we made a breakthrough! After my session my anchor to God and to my own power is something that cannot be broken. Realizations that seem so obvious now I couldn’t see before. I’m very blessed to have connected with Jennifer and would be happy to continue sessions with her.

Jade V.

I was somewhat skeptical about this type of healing. If you have anything that is too much to handle or if you feel overwhelmed, or you’re just scared, see Jennifer. She’s what I’ve needed in my life for a long time. I cannot say enough good about her and her method of healing! 

Jim K.

I had some immediate lightening after and during the session, and there were remarks made about me at a family party that definitely would have caused at least inner turmoil that didn’t bother me in the least. Overall I just feel more apt to positivity. My ideas and concerns haven’t necessarily changed, but I don’t feel like crying when I think or pray about them. I just feel a calmness and inner peace. I still don’t know what will happen, but I’m not scared of what could happen anymore. And so, thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Lynette Y.

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