Module Seven

Physical Education – Muscle Memory

“When EMOTIONAL MASTERY is achieved, the HEART trusts the MIND and the MIND trusts the HEART!”

This module will teach you how to drill and perfect your relationship skills by developing emotional self-mastery. As you create spiritual and emotional muscle memory, you will find more PEACE and JOY and bless yourself and your spouse!

We can choose to practice and become skilled at ANY endeavor in our lives. But those things we value most deserve our time and focus such as creating an AMAZING MARRIAGE RELATIONSHIP!

✅ Watch “True You Chemistry” Video 1

✅ Watch “Muscle Memory and Drills” Video 2

✅ Download, print and save for reference the True You Practice “Drills” PDF

✅ Download, print and complete the True You Practice “True You Chemistry” PDF


  True You Chemistry Video 1

Muscle Memory and Drills Video 2