Module Nine

Relationship Math

“They say that the truth will set you free, but then again so will a lie…

It depends if you’re trying to get to the Promised Land or if you’re just trying to get by.”

~Ani DeFranco

This module will entertain you with a funny story where you can learn the importance of relationship math. When you understand your spouse’s values, you can think and act in a way that will create a positive winning equation.

Your BELIEFS can be true or false, but when you choose the one which SERVES you the best, that energy literally creates the catalyst for positive change in your relationship!

✅ Watch the “Relationship Math” Video

✅ Watch the “Batter Bowl Story” Video

✅ Download, print and complete the True You Practice “Relationship Math” PDF

✅ Optional Bonus: Download Marriage Meeting PDF and use for weekly couple’s council (highly recommended)

Relationship Math Video

Batter Bowl Story Video