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  • What the TRUE YOU means and why it’s critical to a healthy relationship
  • Quantum Physics: Your thoughts have more power than you know
  • Language: You need to fire the negative interpreter
  • Relationship Math: Equations for relationships aren’t common algebra
  • Sports: Find out the importance of how to keep score properly
  • PLUS: Worksheets help you apply principles taught for a happier relationship!


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After 26 years of marriage, we had a Near Death Experience. The NDE was when the husband walked out of the door of our home, and we thought our marriage was over – perhaps due to the 2 “D” words. Divorce due to marriage challenges – OR Death due to acting on dangerous negative thoughts linked to depression.

There is always hope for healing and improvement, and today with over 30 years of marriage commitment, change and growth, we would say our marriage is better than ever! Even applying one of the secrets from “Secrets from The Marriage Academy” eBook gift, will make a HUGE difference in your marriage!