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As a child, I learned a song called

“Kindness Begins with Me.”

A Happy Marriage

begins with me, too!

I get what it’s like to feel disconnected in a marriage. I felt that way for YEARS. I also get how it feels to be stuck and wonder what is missing and what I can do to improve my marriage – to get that old flame back or at least a spark back!

If you can relate and would like to take your marriage to the next level – upwards and positive that is – then one of the keys is to get in touch with the True Divine You.

“But wait!” you might say. “Doesn’t my spouse need to change, too? Just working on me won’t fix him/her.”

My husband uses this insightful analogy. Suppose you are red and your spouse is blue. We know that when we mix red and blue we get purple. Well, if you don’t like purple, you can tell your spouse to change their color or offer encouragement for them to do so.

But, it is often easier – and wiser – to change our own color. So if we change from red to yellow and then mix with our blue spouse, we have a beautiful green. And hopefully, whatever change you do will create a color that you like a whole lot more than the original.

So, how do you do that? Here are some questions to consider:

  • Are you living up to your full potential?

  • Do you feel stuck and unable to progress or is progress slow?

  • Are you discouraged in one or more areas of your life?

  • Does your life lack purpose or vision to move forward with enthusiasm?

  • Do you feel like you are drifting?

  • Do you feel a disconnect with your spouse, God, and even yourself? 

  • Did you forget or never quite find who you truly are?

  • Are you living in integrity with your True Divine Self?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, we want to support you in changing your color and creating a stronger, happier, and more fulfilling marriage!

My wise, kind, and inspiring husband felt strongly in 2019 that the topic of identity and “knowing who you truly are” was divinely sent to him. He felt prompted to create a valuable mini-course. It also supports our business vision and name to help individuals Be the True You.

The True Divine You Course strengthens individuals – even teenagers – and supports and improves marriages just like yours! In fact, it would make a great and fun date night activity to do with your spouse. It’s recommended you take 4 weeks or even longer as mentioned in the testimonial below to learn and apply all the golden nuggets it shares.

And, since you’ve joined our email list, we want to give you lots of support with valuable tips, articles, and resources. So we have a special opportunity for you to get this course at an incredibly and ridiculously low price. We truly want you and your marriage to succeed!

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Love and light,

Yes! Tell me more about The True Divine You Course~

“Although I have sought for several years to reconnect and identify myself again after raising my family, it wasn’t until I took The True Divine You four-week course that I was able to relearn and apply the concepts of “finding me” again.  I chose to take more than 1 week on each segment so I could really dive into the lessons and activities.  I have already listened to the course a second time and learned some more great insights.”

Tracy W.