The Healer’s Call – Book 2

This best-selling book is full of stories from Christ-centered energy healing professionals who understand there is science and quantum physics behind this amazing modality, but more importantly that Christ is at the center of all emotional, mental, spiritual and physical healing.

This is Book Two in the best-selling series of “The Healer’s Call.” Join best-selling author, Jennifer Jones Smith, and 21 other energy healing practitioners as they share stories about how this powerful type of modality heals their families and clients and what life-changing lessons and experiences they have had using their energy healing gifts. Other popular authors, speakers and practitioners in this inspirational book include Dr. Bradley Nelson, creator of “The Emotion Code,” Noah St. John, best-selling author who invented “Afformations,” Tam Pendelton, founder of the “Healer’s Blueprint” modality, and Tammy Ward, president of Hope Haven Events.

Learn more about the blessings and miracles of energy healing with this inspiring book!

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