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We are so glad you are here! Do any of the following sound like something you want or need in your marriage relationship?

  • Want a fun enriching environment to learn how to strengthen your marriage?

  • Would like to gain wisdom from certified husband and wife marriage coaches who have a marriage of over 35 years?

  • Want to learn insights, skills, and principles from a male and female perspective with TWO coaches?

  • Want to defuse contention, improve communication, and feel more connected to your spouse?

  • Know lots of relationship principles but are not sure how to turn them into real-life skills?

  • Feel that if something doesn’t change for the better in your marriage, things will just get worse?

  • Want to learn emotional self-mastery to overcome anger, fear, depression, low self-esteem, negative body image, and lack of vision and focus in your relationships and life?


The Marriage Academy can help with all this and MORE!

Check out the information below to learn more about The Marriage Academy.

Also get an introduction to the marriage coaches, Andy and Jennifer Smith (and a few laughs), by watching the “Our Beginnings” Video below.

Welcome to The Marriage Academy VIP Experience!

Welcome to The Marriage Academy!  You’re here so you can learn to STRENGTHEN, HEAL and CONNECT more deeply in your marriage … which will create more joy, fulfillment and bliss in your marriage (and we know that when we open up to possibilities – even with a bit more vulnerability –  that our deepest joys are found)!

The Academy is set up in 12 Modules and you will be starting on Module One. However, after completing Module One, you will be directed as to which module to complete next. Your coaches will guide you through The Marriage Academy in the order that serves your personal situation the best. Watch your email for instructions of what module you should start on after completing Module One.

You may want to use this course as a constructive and fun date night by working through it with your spouse. If not, as you do the self-work, your relationship will transform in AMAZING ways!

Putting 100% effort into the academy will give you great results! Get in and apply the work and take note of your challenges, questions, and triumphs so you can share them with your coaches. We would love to hear how The Academy is helping your marriage! You can also email questions or concerns ahead of time for the weekly coaching calls and will fill out a personal assessment each week.

You’ll find access to the 12 Modules BELOW. Each module has a workbook you can print (or use a notebook if you wish) and videos of the training, plus a Checklist, so it’s easier for you to keep your thoughts organized … and moving forward.

Lastly, start “firstly” – probably not a word but kinda funny – with the “Our Beginnings” video which will help you get to know your coaches better or at least give you a laugh or two!

We can’t wait to hear about your success!


Be a Marriage Maker not breaker!

   Our Beginnings

See if The Marriage Academy is a fit for you, with a Marriage Assessment call!

  • Would you enjoy a fun enriching environment to learn how to strengthen your marriage?

  • Do you need some ideas to help boost your relationship with less contention, improved communication, and greater connection?

  • Do you feel that if something doesn’t change for the better in your marriage, things will just get worse?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, get some direction, support and ideas to improve your marriage right NOW and see if The Marriage Academy is a fit for you with this 30-minute assessment call from a certified relationship mentor and coach!

Simply click the button to schedule your complimentary assessment call. (Schedule only if you are serious about strengthening your marriage.)

There are 12 MODULES in The Marriage Academy –

Yep! The Marriage Academy has these AWESOME topics with training videos, audios and downloadable worksheets that are fun and inspiring. You will have live weekly private training with husband and wife marriage coaches.

If you treasure your relationship with your spouse, it’s worth the time, energy and investment to take your marriage to a stronger, happier place!

History - The Past

Cheer Squad - Declare Truth

Relationship Math

Research Skills - Identity

Brain Science - Past Blast

Meteorology - Predictions

Language - The Interpreter

PE - Muscle Memory

Drama - Hero Training

Quantum Physics - Thoughts

Sports - Scoring Points

Social Studies - Forgiveness

Emotional Energy Healing

Using several types of energy healing modalities and kinesiology/muscle testing, a certified practitioner will gracefully, and non-invasively boost and clean energy systems such as meridians and chakras, clear generational patterns of fears, phobias, and bad habits, and move stagnant or traumatic energy from past events or fear and uncertainty of future events. To learn more about this method of quantum healing click below.

Unlimited Quantum-based Healing Sessions

As part of the VIP Experience, you will receive unlimited (as needed) quantum-based emotional energy healing sessions from a certified practitioner.


These gentle yet powerful methods will relieve stress, anxiety, trauma, limiting and false beliefs, and negative generational patterns. People have experienced feeling lighter, more confident and less burdened by challenges they have dealt with or are currently facing.


For more information, click the Learn More buttons.


The Complete EFT Method

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique which includes a client tapping on meridian points of their own body to release stress, trauma, and limiting beliefs that cause one to sabotage their own success. The “complete” method also includes a special Zero Point breathing technique and brain integration for deep emotional healing.

Who doesn’t love BONUSES?



Check out these bonuses of videos and handouts

from Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist, Laura M. Brotherson

   Sextraordinary Date Night with Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST

Sextraordinary Marriage

Husband’s Needs Video 1

Sextraordinary Marriage

Wife’s Needs Video 2

Sextraordinary Marriage Q&A

Video 3

Praise & Gratitude

I just want to thank you so much for being my coaches. This has helped me in big ways! I am able to handle things that I would have flipped out about before! It’s a big thing to realize that my husband is on my team and not my enemy. 💕Thank you!!!
Wendy L.

If we weren’t in marriage coaching we’d probably be divorced or my husband would be paying for our house and living in his grandmother’s basement. He’d be asking me to meet with a professional psychiatrist or a marriage counselor. Ha ha! – NOT funny! Andy and Jennifer have strengthened our marriage in only 6 weeks. It’s scary to think where we would be without their coaching!
Domenic & Emma F.

After having been married nearly 28 years, sometimes the marriage waxes and sometimes wanes. We’ve been in a season of waning and needed a project together to help us grow. I’m personally grateful to have a project to work on together. My internal growth has been a boost to our marriage, and you need that from time to time. Thank you, Andy and Jennifer!
Steve & Moyne G.

I’ve accomplished more in 4 months of your program than I did in 2 years of another more expensive program. Your program has been tailored to my personal needs and growth.

Jeff T.

Andy helped me more in 20 minutes with a challenging relationship issue than several sessions of therapy! I’m so glad I connected with him and his wife, Jennifer!
Katherine M.

Coaching with Andy and Jennifer was extremely valuable! We saw our relationship in a different light and received tools to help begin healing our marriage IMMEDIATELY. It’s so nice to have coaches who listen, understand and truly care about helping you and your marriage!

Clint & Kristy B.

Would you like to learn how the VIP Experience can support your marriage right NOW?

  • Gain some clarity and focus on your marriage relationship

  • Take your marriage to the NEXT LEVEL of happiness and fun

  • Boost the connection and communication between you and your spouse

Let’s give you some direction, support and ideas to improve your marriage and see if The Marriage Academy is a fit for you with a 30-minute assessment call facilitated by a certified mentor and relationship coach.

This is a complimentary/free call. Click the link to schedule your Marriage Assessment Call! Please only book the call if you are committed to improving your marriage.