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“Empowering families one marriage at a time.”


Empowering married couples to recognize, understand and overcome negative influences to create happier, stronger marriage and family relationships!

We are a personal empowerment company dedicated to strengthening and healing relationships with certified mentoring, coaching, retreats, and The Marriage Academy.

Our greatest JOY is helping you find YOURS!

Praise & Gratitude


I just want to thank you so much for being my coaches. This has helped me in big ways! I am able to handle things that I would have flipped out about before! It’s a big thing to realize that my husband is on my team and not my enemy. 💕Thank you!!!

Wendy L.

After having been married nearly 28 years, sometimes the marriage waxes and sometimes wanes. We’ve been in a season of waning and needed a project together to help us grow. I’m personally grateful to have a project to work on together. My internal growth has been a boost to our marriage, and you need that from time to time. Thank you, Andy and Jennifer!

Steve & Moyne M.

Andy helped me more in 20 minutes with a challenging relationship issue than several sessions of therapy! I’m so glad I connected with him and his wife, Jennifer!

Katherine M.

Coaching with Andy and Jennifer was extremely valuable! We saw our relationship in a different light and received tools to help begin healing our marriage IMMEDIATELY. It’s so nice to have coaches who listen, understand and truly care about helping you and your marriage!

Clint & Kristy B.

If we weren’t in marriage coaching we’d probably be divorced or my husband would be paying for our house and living in his grandmother’s basement. He’d be asking me to meet with a professional psychiatrist or a marriage counselor. Ha ha! – NOT funny! Andy and Jennifer have strengthened our marriage in only 6 weeks. It’s scary to think where we would be without their coaching!

Domenic & Emma F.

After 26 years of marriage, we had a Near Death Experience. The NDE was when the husband walked out of the door of our home, and we thought our marriage was over – perhaps due to the 2 “D” words. Divorce due to marriage challenges – OR Death due to acting on dangerous negative thoughts linked to depression.

There is always hope for healing and improvement even with the uncertainties that we face in the world today. And with over 30 years of marriage commitment, change and growth, we would say our marriage is better than ever!

We invite you to download our free gift “3 Keys for a Stronger, Happier Relationship.” Even applying one of the keys from this eBook, will make a HUGE difference in your marriage!



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