He locked me out of the bedroom on vacation due to a HUGE misunderstanding!

Yeah, we were on vacation in St. George, Utah, and it was supposed to be a FUN vacation.


But somehow we ended up in an argument of sorts.


So I left the bedroom to sit on the living room couch, hoping he would come out to talk with me, resolve our issue, and ultimately COMFORT me and make up in some SWEET way!


My husband did come out to talk with me, but my head and heart were hurting and confused.


I couldn’t get any words out.


“Silent treatment,” he must have thought. So he went back into the bedroom and shut the door.


After a while my ACHING HEART had eased up a bit. I decided that I might be able to squeak out a few words.


But when I tried the bedroom door, it was LOCKED!


What an UNHAPPY vacation for sure…


But wait…


are you hoping there was a HAPPY ending?


How about a FUNNY ending and a happy ending?


I tried the door a few more times before I figured out that to OPEN the door I needed to PUSH it, not PULL it!
Fortunately, telling my husband I thought the door was locked was a good lead in to a conversation that resolved our issue of the night.


We got to make up in a SWEET way after all!



I have  HOT TIP for you when it comes to Contention and Communication.



NEVER try to solve a problem when you are feeling emotionally charged.


Did you notice that after I had time to cool down by sitting on the couch for a while, I was CALMER and ready to communicate in a more rational way?


How often do you have CONFLICTS that are not so easily resolved as my story?


Do you sometimes feel LOCKED out of a happy marriage relationship?


Do you sometimes go for DAYS, WEEKS, or even MONTHS without resolving moderate to extreme issues?


Do you feel DISCONNECTED in your marriage and don’t know why?


Or do you feel disconnected and know WHY, but don’t know HOW to fix it?


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