Yes, the title of this article says, “constructing” happy relationships because healthy, happy relationships take vision, planning and work just like constructing a house or building. The following tips are sure to upgrade your relationships. Read them to see which one you might consider focusing on over the next few weeks and see your relationships improve!



The Golden Rule

Consider the Golden Rule with a twist. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Treat them as you would want to be treated. However, find what they like or need the most from you such as help with chores, quiet time by the fireplace, a foot rub, just talking, etc. How do you find out what they like? Ask them and/or be observant of what they seem to like. Compile a list. Look at it often and “treat” them with simple acts of kindness, daily if possible.

Sincere Compliments

Give compliments and you might get some yourself. But be OK if you don’t get compliments much and feel good that you showed up to add some positive energy to this moment. “What you sow, ye shall reap.” Your ability to acknowledge and appreciate others will reward you also. What we send out most often comes back to us. It might not be from the person we complimented, but goodness will come back to us.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is willingness to give and show love without expecting anything in return. When we serve others in hopes that we get something back, we are not truly giving with pure intent from the heart. One mother worked hard to help her struggling and rebellious teenager overcome his weaknesses. When she offered to help him, she would get ignored. “I love him unconditionally,” she said. “But shouldn’t he acknowledge me and respond to me when I speak to him? I don’t know how I can continue to give so much and be ignored!” Is that truly unconditional love?

Who can you serve, compliment and unconditionally love today?